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Prohormones, the precursors to hormones, typically have minimal effect when they are by themselves. Having been in use as a term since the very middle of the twentieth century, their primary function is being an enhancement to the strength of a hormone that has already been released into the body’s blood stream.

Where steroids are hormones themselves that boost the production of muscle, a prohormone will not affect the body unless another hormone is present. Proinsulin is a very good example of a prohormone. This of course becomes the very vital hormone insulin. Because of this attribute, prohormones have been used to aid the building of large quantities of muscles, typically acquainted with use by body builders and other aesthetic sports.

The purpose for the usage of this hormone is clear in the bodybuilding arena. The prohormone augments the testosterone that is necessary to build the muscle that most body builders’ desire.

This an attempt to get the same effects of anabolic steroids, but without the catastrophic effects it has on the human body. Most compounds associated with this substance are legal to manufacture in many countries and in some areas local law enforcement is unaware of prohormone existence, and purpose.