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Nitric Oxide / Pre Workout

Nitric Oxide supplements were first launched a few years ago and, despite some detractors who claim that they have no measurable effect, have become a popular addition to the serious fitness fan’s arsenal of supplements - testament to their value.

Intended to be taken pre-workout, nitric oxide supplements usually contain the amino acid known as L-Arginine. Arginine is thought to be able to increase levels of human growth hormone in the body but also produces nitric oxide. This works by dilating the blood vessels, which allows the carriage of more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and vital organs.
This makes you feel much more prepared to take on a good workout. It leads to increased endurance and helps reduce recovery times during the workout. “Muscle pump” will be increased and a more muscular appearance will result.

Nitric oxide supplements come in tablet and powder form (some flavoured) and in bottles that are ready-to-drink. One of the most popular is the BSN NO-XPLODE range that actually pioneered this category of pre-workout supplement.

For the serious trainer who wants to increase strength, muscle size and endurance, nitric oxide is the perfect supplement. It has no known side effects (although, because of the Arginine, too much might result in nausea, fatigue or diarrhoea) and its results are well documented.