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Healthy Oils

There has been a lot of talk about healthy oils and which should be avoided at all costs. With more and more people being health conscious these days it is worth knowing which oil is good for you and which is not. For a long time people have known that olive oil is very good and is one of the valuable oils that should be included in their diets as it contains good levels of omega-3 as well as omega-6. Other valuable and healthy oils include canola, fish, avocado, walnut and macadamia. Canola oil is derived from rapeseed and is an oil that many doctors believe is a healthy heart oil because it is very rich in omega-3 and extremely rich in omega-6. Fish oil is accepted as a good fat and is full of omega-3, EPA and DHA. Fish oil helps to promote cell function and has good lipid properties which improves insulin sensitivity in the body. Many athletes like to include both fresh avocado and macadamia nuts in their diets because of the high values avocados offer them in omega-3 and omega-6 whereas macadamias offer them great MUFA and PUFA values. Walnut oil is a very rich and tasty nut oil and although expensive is a great oil to include in a diet.