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Energy Supplements

Most of us feel a little lethargic at times and turn to an energy supplement as a pick-me-up. These mostly contain caffeine or similar product that gives a temporary boost. The keen athlete or fitness aficionado, however, needs more. He wants to get optimum results from his workouts. Energy supplements will keep his body supplied with the right fuel to help him through intense training sessions and workouts so that he can achieve your goals without risk of injury or over-exertion.

Useful pre-workout supplements include amino acids to enhance protein production, creatine to maximise muscle volume and provide energy and branched chain amino acids to help maintain good nitrogen balance. In addition, nitric oxide supplements help dilate the blood vessels so that more blood and nutrients reach the muscles. (Avoid using nitric oxide with fat burners as the latter constrict, which is the opposite effect of nitric oxide).

After the workout, a collagen supplement will support tissue regeneration and help both relax the joints and help to maintain connective tissue. Taking creatine helps muscle recovery and fights fatigue while glutamine boosts recovery rates and fortifies the immune system. Branched chain amino acids are also vital for aiding recovery and protein synthesis.

The right energy supplements taken at the right time will lead to improved results and keep you at your best.